Power Up Gaming Rewards Program

Power Up Gaming has had a rewards program since we opened our doors in 2012 but it has evolved somewhat over the years but the principal of it has always been the same.  The main purpose of this rewards program has always been to build loyalty from our customers while offering them a real value in return for that loyalty.

Here is how our rewards program works at Power Up Gaming.  When you shop with us, you earn one reward point for every dollar that you spend before tax.  When you accumulate enough points, you can cash those points in for coupons that give you instant discounts against the price of the products that you buy from us.  The more points you accumulate, the more aggressive the discounts are!  At the highest reward level of 600 points, you can redeem that for a $60 discount coupon which is the equivalent to an additional 10% off just by loyally shopping with us!   

Here are the point breakdowns:

Now, one of the specials that we tend to run a few times a year is our DOUBLE REWARD points special.  This special is one that is highly under utilized by our customers but when utilized properly it can be VERY lucrative!  If you were to spend $600 during the double reward points month then you would accumulate enough points to earn two $60 off coupons which would earn you $120 off or effectively 20% back off your initial purchase. 

When you redeem your reward coupons there is absolutely no minimum amount that you have to purchase which means you can effectively apply a $5 discount coupon towards $5 worth of product and walk out with a $0 receipt!  

Our rewards program is available to all our in-store and online customers.  The only catch here is that the rewards program in-store is offered by a different provider then the program online.  Therefore we are unable to honor online points in-store or honor in-store points online.  The way you earn your points luckily are exactly the same though.  We really do hope that one day we will be able to merge the two programs into one and honor them across both platforms.

Now that you know how our rewards program works, what are you saving up your points for? 

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