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Sega CD - Bill Walsh College Football

No time left...your wishbone QB dives in from the two but you're still down by one...gut check...kick for the tie? or GO FOR TWO and the national title.

Sega CD - Cliffhanger

CLIFFHANGER challenges you to brave thundering avalanches, icy cliffs and the head-spinning heights of the Rocky Mountains while combatting a vicious group of well-armed, extremely dangerous fugitives. Based on the...

Sega CD - Cobra Command

BLAST into explosive chopper combat straight from the arcade hit! Your Cobra's heat-seeking missiles and heavy-caliber machine guns are the only weapons in your last-ditch assault against a murderous military...

Sega CD - Corpse Killer

You're stranded on an uncharted island of death. You're dying of voodoo poison, a mad genius is on your trail, hundreds of rotting dead are coming to chew your guts...and...

Sega CD - Double Switch

Eddie's in the basement and he can't get up! You can help him, if you dare. Just try catching some of the stranger strangers around this tacky old townhouse. Eddie...

Sega CD - Dragon's Lair

From deep within Mordroc's castle, a foul stench rose up to mix with the cold, damp midnight air; the telltale sign of the evil wizard's pet fire-breathing dragon, Singe; the...

Sega CD - Dune

Far across the universe, past the edge of known things and expected outcomes, at the intersection of outer and inner space, lies the planet Arrakis. A world of sand and...

Sega CD - Dungeon Master II Skullkeep

The one that started it all returns to once again redefine the standards of the interactive Dungeon experience. From the trap-filled dungeons of Skullkeep to the storm-ravaged villages above, you'll...

Sega CD - Ecco The Dolphin

Life is a surging tide of adventure for Ecco, the powerful young dolphin. A sudden storm tears Ecco's family from their home. Now Ecco, all alone, must plunge into a...

Sega CD - Ecco the Dolphin & Sega Classics Arcade Collection Bundle

As a pack-in game for the Sega CD toward the end of the system's short life, Sega Classics: Arcade Collection features five Sega Genesis favorites on one disc. These include...

Sega CD - Hook

Based on the blockbuster Spielberg epic, Hook combines non-stop action with critically-acclaimed gameplay and great sound and graphics. You play the grown up Peter Pan returning to Neverland to rescue...

Sega CD - Jurassic Park

You are a brave adventurer sent to the storm-ravaged island to salvage the most rare of scientific specimens... living dinosaur eggs! First-person 360-degree viewpoint filled with lush jungle adventure... where...

Sega CD - Lethal Enforcers II Gun Fighters

You're a brave sheriff challenged to protect innocent citizens. Powerful weapons like a shotgun, gatling gun, 12-round rifle and even a cannon make your job easier. You'll need all the...

Sega CD - Midnight Raiders

You're Joker. You and your team, Stryker, Sparks and Linus get orders to execute a Top Secret mission. Unfortunately for you, the CIA wants no survivors. Flying deadly Apache AH-64...

Sega CD - Sewer Shark

A revolutionary new Mega CD action-adventure featuring live-actors, incredible graphics and awesome sound. Team up with ace sewer jockey Ghost to transport vital supplies via the labyrinth of rat-infested tunnels....