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  • 3DS / Wii U Pro Controller Battery w/Screwdriver - Tomee

    Tomee's Rechargeable Battery Pack is the perfect battery replacement for either your Wii U Pro Controller or 3DS. The heavy duty battery provides a longer playtime from a full charge....
  • 4-Port GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U/ PC/ Mac

    The Hyperkin GameCube Adapter for Wii U lets you play Super Smash Bros. for Wii U like the pros. Use up to four GameCube Controllers or four Wavebird controllers for...
  • Controller Extension Cable for NES/SNES Classic / Wii U / Wii

    Don't sell yourself short! Extend the length of your living room adventure by 6 feet with Hyperkin's Extension Cable for NES Classic Edition/ Wii U/ Wii. It will work with...
  • Lego Dimensions USB Portal

    Portal for use with PS3, PS4 and Wii U.
  • Mario kart 8 Link Racing Wheel

    Blaze through Mario Kart 8's exciting courses with this colorful and comfortable racing wheel attachment. Simply pop your Wii U Remote (sold separately) into the racing wheel attachment and enjoy...
  • NES Classic Premium Controller

    Classic Feel Experience classic gaming with a premium peripheral at your disposal. Hyperkin’s Premium Controller for the NES Classic features an eight-way directional pad and two action buttons, enough for...
  • NES to NES Classic Adapter

    Don't limit yourself to one controller! With the Hyperkin NEs Controller to NES Clasic Adapter you can use your favourite NES Controller from back in the day, including joysticks! -Compatible...
  • Nintendo Wii / Wii-U Audio Video Cable

    The Wii AV Cable lets you enjoy quality audio and video from your Nintendo Wii. The AV Cable delivers the same picture and sound quality, comparable to the standard cable...
  • Prima The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD Official Game Guide

    Collect Everything - locations revealed for all treasure charts, pieces of heart and the best times for using the pictograph to complete the Nintendo Gallery100% Completion - detailed walkthrough will take you...
  • Tomee Wii/Wii-U Motion Plus Remote - Brand New

    Compatible with all Wii and Wii-U software. Compatible with all Motion Plus games. Compatible with all Nunchuks and Classic Controllers. Vibration feedback, Responsive action buttons and built-in speaker.
  • Wii - Intec Zapper with built-in Nunchuk

    Zapper shaped shell to hold your Wii remote with built-in Nunchuk component, allowing use with the Nunchuk's analog stick in the same hand.
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