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  • GB - Centipede 1998 (Cartridge Only)

    You're trapped in the perilous Enchanted Forest. Dark, dangerous mushrooms push up through the squishy forest floor, surrounding you on every side. Threatening thumps and evil buzzing fill the air....
  • GBC - 102 Dalmations Puppies to the Rescue (Cartridge Only)

    It's puppy power to the rescue! As Oddball or Domino, it's up to you to rescue your captured puppy friends from the evil clutches of Cruella De Vil and her...
  • GBC - A Bugs Life

    Keep on Buggin'.   Join the outcast ant worker Flik and his friends as they set out to save the ant colony from Hopper's ruthless gang of bullying grasshoppers. Flik...
  • GBC - Alice In Wonderland

    Follow the White Rabbit.......into a curious yet enchanting Wonderland, and journey with Alice through amazing adventures taken straight from the classic Walt Disney film. The mushrooms to shrink and grow,...
    From $25.00
  • GBC - All-Star Baseball 2000

    You can learn the basics of baseball in an afternoon, then spend a lifetime mastering its intricacies. All-Star Baseball 2000 isn't quite so daunting, but expect to log lots of...
  • GBC - Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare (Cartridge Only)

    From the moment Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac set foot on Shadow Island, they are confronted by mysterious, evil creatures intent on thwarting their progress to recover 3 ancient tablets...
  • GBC - Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.

    Human domination or bug infestation? The choice is yours. You're an Armorine. You're equipped with the latest in futuristic battle-armor and packing a devastating arsenal. Your mission is to stop...
  • GBC - Army Men 2 (Cartridge Only)

    Army Men 2 is an Action game, developed by Digital Eclipse and published by 3DO, which was released in 2000.
  • GBC - Austin Powers Oh Behave! (Cartridge Only)

    Being an International Man of Mystery isn't all it's cracked up to be, baby. Well, okay, it is. It's smashing. It isn't all jet setting around the world, driving fast...
  • GBC - Barbie Magic Genie (Cartridge Only)

    Barbie: Magic Genie Adventure is an Action game, developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Mattel, which was released in 2000.
  • GBC - Batman Chaos in Gotham (Cartridge Only)

    Batman must bring down Gotham City's worst crimewave ever. And all his powers may not be enough. Battle the city's nastiest villains to hunt down the shadowy mastermind behind the...
  • GBC - Battleship (Cartridge Only)

    Discover the thrill of commanding your own naval fleet of warships with this brand new skin on the classic Battleship game. Super Battleship gives you all of the tough challenges...
  • GBC - BattleTanx (Cartridge Only)

    2001 A.D. - The world as you know it is no more. A deadly virus has wiped out 99% of the female population and the few surviving women are now...
  • GBC - Beauty and the Beast (Cartridge Only)

    Disney's Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure is a game for the Game Boy Color. There are two modes of play. In the first you play on a big...
  • GBC - Bionic Commando Elite Forces

    You are the ultimate weapon. You are the perfect synthesis of human and machine - a Bionic Commando.Your latest mission - to rescue a fellow commando, Commando Joe - will...
    From $17.50
  • GBC - BOX - Bust-A-Move 4 (In Box)

    You'll be Forever Bursting Bubbles! Bust-A-Move-4 is bursting onto the scene with more advanced gameplay, and tons of new features. It's a challenge for the whole family!   * Bury...
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