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The Army Painter - Airbrush Medium Thinner

Airbrush Medium has been developed by The Army Painter to enable our superior quality Warpaints to be used with an airbrush. The Airbrush Medium is highly versatile, and can be...

The Army Painter - Battlefield Field Grass

Use to create great effects of taller and wild grass. Can be used all over the base or in smaller clumps. RESEMBLES TALL OR WILD GRASS USE ON TOP OF...

The Army Painter - Battlefield Grass Green

A special scatter resembling grass or light moss. Can be used to cover the entire base or in smaller clumps on top of Brown Battleground. RESEMBLES GRASS ON A MINIATURE...

The Army Painter - Battlefield Razorwire

Razorwire gives the effect of a war-torn setting - and is essential for any sci-fi or modern wargaming base. Gives a very realistic look. ESSENTIAL FOR SCI-FI OR MODERN BATTLEFIELD...

The Army Painter - Battlefield Rocks

Use Battlefield Rocks for smaller stones, giving a perfect texture on especially larger bases - to break the even look. Highly realistic look! IMITATES SMALLER ROCKS OR STONES PERFECT FOR...

The Army Painter - Battlefield Snow

For any arctic climate or winter bases. Gives a nice sharp contrast to darker or very multi-coloured models. CREATES THE PERFECT WINTER AND SNOW BASE USE WITH DIFFERENT TUFTS, LIKE...

The Army Painter - Battlefield Steppe Grass

Use Battlefield Steppe Grass to create the illusion of wild or dry grass on any base. RESEMBLES TALL OR WILD GRASS USE ON TOP OF BROWN BATTLEGROUND DARKER GRASS GIVES...

The Army Painter - Battlefields Basing Glue

This special non-toxic glue is used for gluing rocks, sand, grass or similar to a miniature base. Also perfect for gluing polyfoam for scenery. USE FOR ALL BATTLEFIELD TYPES OF...

The Army Painter - Brown Battleground

Coloured sand in 3 different sizes for the perfect foundation of any base. Can also be painted any colour to resemble any climate or setting. THE PERFECT FOUNDATION FOR ANY...

The Army Painter - Deadland Tuft

Distant moons or undead kingdoms, the Deadland Tuft allows you recreate the chilling atmosphere of death SUPER REALISTIC BASES 3 DIFFERENT SIZES FOR ANY BASE SIZE EASY TO USE AND...

The Army Painter - Drill Bits

This premium set gives you 10 drill bits and all the different drill bit sizes you could possible want (8) – to finish any task involving miniatures, drilling magnets in...

The Army Painter - Frozen Tuft

The Frozen Tuft is perfect for decorating your frozen tundra, icy plains or other chilly environment. Combine with Battlefield Snow for perfection.. SUPER REALISTIC BASES 3 DIFFERENT SIZES FOR ANY...

The Army Painter - Highland Tuft

Rolling hills and deep lochs, the Highland Tuft lets you mimic this mysterious scenery. SUPER REALISTIC BASES 3 DIFFERENT SIZES FOR ANY BASE SIZE EASY TO USE AND ATTACH QUICKLY...

The Army Painter - Hobby Brush - Basecoating

A perfect brush for painting the bulk of infantry. The brush end has the right thickness for holding paint without spilling it all at first stroke.

The Army Painter - Hobby Brush - Highlighting

A great all round brush for making detailed highlights on your models. The tip is sharp making it useful for those hard-to-get areas of a miniature.

The Army Painter - Hobby Knife

The Hobby Knife is essentially a surgical scalpel made for miniatures. Razor sharp and very precise, it is a fundamental tool for all wargamers. IDEAL FOR CUTTING IN PLASTIC OR...