The Bat Witch Cavern - The Other Business of Ours

We have owned Power Up Gaming since August of 2012 and it has always brought us extreme pleasure to deal with the customers of this business!  But most don't know that we own multiple businesses.  At the beginning of COVID we decided to branch out and start a Metaphysical online business that specializes in products very much different from those featured at Power up Gaming.  

The Bat Witch Cavern carries products that are geared to nature worship, witchcraft, paganism, crystals, herbalism and everything else related to the metaphysical realms.  These products appeal to a very large customer base which includes so much more then just those that practice magic, witchcraft, paganism, wiccan and the like.  We carry full lines of essential oils, cold process soaps, herbal teas and even religious objects from many different world religions.  


Herbal Tea Blend - Cernunnos Blessing

Our biggest product lines include Tarot Decks, Rough and Tumbled Crystals, Jewelry, Candles, Books, Oracle Decks, Dried Herbs, Incense Sticks, Incense Cones, Incense Powders, Incense Resins, Aromatherapy products, Essential Oils, Cold Process Soaps, Magick Herbal Teas, Caldrons, Mortar & Pestles, Statues, Storage Boxes, Journals, Windchimes, Dreamcatchers, Bath Salts, Spell Jars and sooo much more!


Lavender Serenity Cold Process Soap

We have strived to carry everything you could possibly need and continue to expand our lines every day!  We have grown to be one of the largest metaphysical online stores in Canada within such a short time and yet we still grow.  Even if you aren't into witchcraft, there is something for EVERYONE!

Here is the information for The Bat Witch Cavern!

The Bat Witch Cavern
Tel: (249) 888-7052

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