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Intellivision - Donkey Kong (Cartridge Only)

Can you save Mario's girl from the clutches of Donkey Kong? Donkey Kong has kidnapped Mario's girlfriend Pauline and taken her to the top of a construction site. It's up...

Intellivision - Frog Bog (In Box)

Frog Bog is an Action game, developed and published by Mattel, which was released in 1982.

Intellivision - Tron Maze-A-Tron (Sealed)

Inspired by the motion picture TRON from Walt Disney productions. You are the daring, young programmer, FLYNN, zapped into the sprawling circuit maze of a computer system, by the evil...

Intellivision - Demon Attack (In Box)

Devastating waves of cosmic creatures attack from above. Blast them with your laser cannon. Careful! These foes are tricky. When hit, some split in two. They keep coming. The challenge...

Intellivision - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (In Box)

Journey into a land of treasure, adventure and dark, dark danger. Lead a 3-man expedition through winding mountain caverns, in search of tools and arrows. Within the caverns, deadly monsters...

Intellivision - Buzz Bombers (Cartridge Only)

You're out to extinguish an angry swarm of honey bees armed with only a spray can of bee repellent. As the bees buzz ever closer, you hit them with a...

Intellivision - Lock N Chase (Cartridge Only)

Each player has five thieves! One thief robs the bank vault at a time. Run into a cop and he's "caught." Keep picking up the gold. Get extra points for...

Intellivision - Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (Cartridge Only)

Blackjack! Five Card Stud Poker! Seven Card Stud Poker! Five Card Draw Poker! You play against a shifty-eyed, computer-smart dealer. Fast playing, pretend stakes. Action direct from Las Vegas -...

Intellivision - Astrosmash

You're all alone in a hostile universe of tumbling asteroids and homicidal aliens. You've got the wits and the speed, but you're awesomely outnumbered. With a little practice, you may...

Intellivision - Space Armada (Cartridge Only)

An armada of 32 bomb-dropping, moving targets descend on your defenses. You have a supply of laser guns and bunkers that shield them from the air attack. Shoot your laser...

Intellivision - Utopia (Cartridge Only)

If you were the ruler of your very own country, how good a ruler would you be? Find out with a strategy game that captures the realism-and problems-of governing. Your...

Intellivision - Triple Action

Triple fun-biplanes, battle tanks and rally racers. Take to the air for a dogfight, straight out of the glory days of the sky barons. Or be a tank commander in...

Intellivision - Space Battle

Outer-space action and science fiction thrills! Computer-controlled alien invaders attacking! You check the Mother Ship radar map, deploy the defense. Ready... aim... fire missiles! Win the battle and save the...

Intellivision - Sea Battle

Battle action on the high seas. Deploy fleets of ships. Lay mines. Use diversion tactics. It's your strategy and skill on the line. Engage in sea combat and battle it...

Intellivision - Royal Dealer

Royal Dealer is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Mattel, which was released in 1982.

Intellivision - Night Stalker

Your man is trapped in the maze! Spiders, bats and robots are tracking him down! The robots and creatures never stop. Shoot one... another appears! Fire off six shots, then...