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Genesis - Ghouls 'N Ghosts (In Case)

The time is yesteryear, when knights scoured the countryside in search of the Holy Grail, defended the honor of fair maidens and fought a never-ending battle against rampant evil forces....

Genesis - Saturday Night Slam Masters (In Case)

Set sail for a swashbuckling search! The Pirates of Dark Water puts you in the middle of the popular Saturday morning cartoon! Sail from island to island as one of...

Genesis - Mutant League Hockey (In Case)

Hockey with an attitude! It's mutated mayhem on the ice in the wildest, funniest, goriest game ever. 23 wild mutant teams and 23 unique arenas, each with bizarre obstacles like...

Genesis - Castlevania Bloodlines (In Case)

Time refuses to forget the Belmont family's horrifying, bloody destiny. And in 1917 two of its descendants are summoned by fate into epic battle. Their enemy? The most evil incarnation...

Genesis - Contra Hard Corps (In Case)

Kickin' cyborg butt... That's what it's all about, dude. Jack into this game of genetic engineering gone bad. Real bad. It's five years after the mother of all wars ended...

Genesis - Phantasy Star IV (In Case)

Launch into the biggest RPG ever on Genesis! This is the explosive magic-and-monster packed FINALE to the incredible Phantasy Star saga. An ancient, hideous Dark Force stalks the Algol star...

Genesis - Earthworm Jim 2 (In Case)

Two times the fun! Two times the excitement! Two times two is four. Too much to list, but keep reading: From Evil the Cat's 'Circus of the Scars' to the...

Genesis - The Adventures of Batman & Robin (In Case)

From the award winning animated TV series comes the most action-packed Batman adventure yet! The Dark Knight returns with Robin to battle the forces of evil. But wait... the iceman...

Genesis - Shining Force II (In Case)

Shining Force II is a tactical role-playing game for the Mega Drive/Genesis console developed by Sonic! Software Planning in 1993.

Genesis - Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom (In Case)

It's been a millennium since Laya's hordes battled Orakio's cyborg armies. And civilized man was almost destroyed. But the Dark Forces still remain. Embark on a journey so vast, it...

Genesis - Light Crusader (In Case)

Fight your way through a dungeon of evil! Innocent people are vanishing, victims of horrifying magic. You, a master swordsman, are challenged to save them. Only your sword and razor...

Genesis - The Punisher (Cartridge Only)

Evil Can Run, But It Can't Hide!   Left for dead when his family accidentally stumbled on a Mob hit, Frank Castle refused to die. Fueled by vengeance, he now...

Genesis - Alisia Dragoon (Cartridge Only)

The pace is intense. Enemies come at Alisia from everywhere. And nowhere. Battle hordes of crazed barbarians, mow down mobs of poisonous centipedes, and slay squadrons of winged gargoyels. Blast...

Genesis - Wardner (In Case)

Get Ready For The Adventure Of Your Lifetime!   Stage 1 Entrance to the dark and creepy Forest.   Stage 2 Wardner's House of Tricks   Shop Buy items to...

Genesis - Ys III Wanderers from Ys (In Case)

Years have passed since the swordsman Adol saved the kingdom of Ys from certain destruction. Joined by his companion, the ex-thief, Dogi, they set out for new adventures. And just...

Genesis - Truxton (In Case)

Power on! All systems go! Takeoff! Meet the alien attack head-on in your Super Fighter! Before the Gidans overrun your planet, destroy them in an explosive scramble in space. You...