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GBC - Pokemon Gold (Cartridge Only)

Enter a whole new world, with new Pokemon to train, capture, and battle! Meet Professor Elm and get the all-new Poke Gear, including map, radio, cell phone, and clock. Set...
$90.00 $76.50

GBC - Super Mario Bros Deluxe (Cartridge Only)

Bowser has once again taken over the Mushroom Kingdom, and it's up to Mario to put an end to his sinister reign. Battle Bowser's vile henchmen through 32 different levels...
$25.00 $21.25

GBC - Mickey's Racing Adventure (Cartridge Only)

Mickey's Racing Adventure is a Driving game, developed by Rare Ltd. and published by Nintendo, which was released in 1999.Game guaranteed to work.
$10.00 $8.50

GBC - The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons (Cartridge Only)

The land of Holodrum is slowly withering. Onox, the General of Darkness, has imprisoned the Oracle of Seasons and is draining the very life out of the land. With the...
$100.00 $85.00

GBC - Pokemon Gold (JAP) (Cartridge Only)

This is a Japanese copy of Pokemon Gold.Gotta catch even more!Enter a whole new world, with new Pokémon to train, capture, and battle! Meet Professor Elm and get the all-new...
$25.00 $21.25

GBC - Quest for Camelot

Can you save the Kingdom of Camelot? The evil knight, Sir Ruber, has stolen King Arthur's magical sword, Excalibur and threatens to use it to overthrow the king. You play...
$7.50 $6.38

GBC - Game & Watch Gallery 3

Flash back to the '80s with original and updated versions of five Game & Watch hand-held games! Relive the birth of hand-held gaming in Classic Game & Watch games. Then...
$15.00 $12.75

GBC - Ballistic (Cartridge Only)

Puzzle Players Unite! Ballistic is the exciting new action puzzle game everyone's been talking about! It's simple to play and offers endless hours of fun. Your goal is to keep...
$10.00 $8.50

GBC - Rugrats Time Travelers (Cartridge Only)

Hang on to your diapies, babies! We're goin' back in time!- Dive in an underwater city- Rush through the gold mines- Spin a fairy tale with Lil- Showdown in the...
$12.50 $10.63

GBC - NHL 2000

Strap on your skates, grab your stick and head out onto the ice for some hockey action in Electronic Arts' NHL 2000. Play as any of the 28 teams in...
$12.50 $10.63

GBC - Toy Story 2

To Al's Toy Barn - And Beyond!As Buzz Lightyear, set out on a wild adventure to save Woody from the clutches of an obsessive toy collector, then race home before...
$7.50 $6.38

GBC - Quest Brians Journey (Cartridge Only)

Brian is just your average happy go lucky medieval door to door salesman. He makes a nice living in the Kingdom of Merchants ruled by the beautiful Queen Deanna (whom...
$40.00 $34.00

GBC - Monster Rancher Battle Card

It's time to battle! Use your favorite monsters from Monster Rancher and watch the magic unfold as you engage in combat against your opponent. Since you inhabit a secluded island,...
$17.50 $14.88

GBC - Godzilla the Series

Navigate the world's largest monster through seven different scenarios, which include areas such as volcanic islands, underwater trenches and the harbors of New York. - 12 levels - 6 different...
$25.00 $21.25

GBC - Beauty and the Beast (Cartridge Only)

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure is a game for the Game Boy Color. There are two modes of play. In the first you play on a big...
$25.00 $21.25

GBC - Bass Masters Classic (Cartridge Only)

Catch the Excitement of the Bass Masters Classic on Game Boy Color!- Accurate fish behavior that depends on lure, water, and weather conditions.- THQ's signature "Lure Cam" view.- Varied game...
$17.50 $14.88