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Odyssey^2 - Showdown in 2100 A.D. (Cartridge Only)

SHOWDOWN IN 2100 A.D. Swaggering robot gunfighters duel under a future sun in this electronic recreation of the classic adult western! The scene changes after every shootout so that every...

Odyssey^2 - Pick Axe Pete! (Cartridge Only)

PICK AXE PETE! You're Pick Axe Pete, the legendary prospector who struck it rich in the fabled Misty Mountain Mine. Thar's so much gold in them thar hills it seems...

Odyssey^2 - Cosmic Conflict! (Cartridge Only)

COSMIC CONFLICT! You are the commander of the CENTURION, an Earth Federation starship guarding a remote corner of the galaxy. An alien invasion fleet from the planet, Badnewsia, has penetrated...

Odyssey^2 - Bowling! / Basketball! (Cartridge Only)

BOWLING! A true electronic simulation! You go straight for the pins--or hook from either side of the alley! but once you commit to the hook--you're on the hook! There's no...

Odyssey^2 - K.C.'s Krazy Chase! (Cartridge Only)

K.C.'s KRAZY CHASE! The chase is really crazy because while K.C. Munchkin is chasing one end of the dreaded Dratapillar - the other end is chasing him - and so...

Odyssey 2 - Speedway / Spin Out / Crypto Logic (Cartridge Only)

Three games are available in this compilation:   Speedway! (selected by pressing "1") is a vertical scrolling racing game against the clock. The player controls the car with the joystick,...

Odyssey^2 - Speedway! / Spin-Out! / Crypto-Logic! (Cartridge Only)

SPEEDWAY! (One or more players.) You're racing a really mean machine against the clock and a high speed maze of cars driven by the coolest hotfoots in the world!SPIN-OUT! (One...