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OutRun 2 stays true to the race format laid down by the 1986 original, in which the player goes behind the steering wheel of a Ferrari sports car with a young lady in the passenger seat through 5 of 15 stages. As before, the player can choose their course and the soundtrack. (In cars that are either convertibles or open T-tops, the lady will put her hand(s) up in various ways when the car crosses a checkpoint.)


It features an official license from Ferrari this time, not only featuring the iconic Testarossa of the very first game, but also adding another seven Ferrari vehicles. it also expands further based on the original concept, employing young, fashionable characters and rendered landscapes.


This is not a racing game based on realism and physics: This is better shown by the drift aspect that it heavily promotes allowing the player to better control their vehicle around high-speed bends, near-missing traffic vehicles as driver's girlfriend squeals in delight filling up the heart point meter. Drift is made differently between automatic and manual control, providing extra challenge.


The soundtrack was completely rearranged, bringing in seven pieces of music with styles ranging from instrumental rock to upbeat ballad. The original 1986 music is also unlockable.


To fulfill the mix, the game has been overhauled with fully tridimensional graphics and network system, enabling fast-paced multiplayer competition.


Single-player game modes

OutRun 2 provides three single-player game modes: "OutRun mode", "Heart Attack mode" and "Time Attack mode".


Outrun Race - the player drives through 5 of 15 stages, selecting the next course via forks on the road. There is a time limit which is extended when the player passes through checkpoints.

Heart Attack Mode - the player drives the open-ended course to a time limit (as in OutRun Race), and the passenger will frequently request certain stunts and actions. These requests, carried out through marked sections of the course, can include passing traffic cars, drifting around bends, driving through marked lanes, knocking over cones, and simply not crashing into anything for as long as possible. If successfully done, the player will receive heart points and, at the end of the request section, will be graded according to their performance. At the end of the stage, the player will receive an average grade based on performance during previous stunts. Crashing into the scenery or driving off-road at any time will result in the player losing hearts. Should the player reach a goal with a satisfying grade and within the time limits, a more romantic ending will be shown.

Time Attack Mode - the player races a 'ghost' car over a pre-selected course to the time limit. Time checks are presented to the player at various points on each stage.

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