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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is the first exercise game/program for Microsoft's Kinect, and was part of its launch lineup. The game focuses entirely on fitness routines led by virtual trainers, and is divided into structured personal training, pick-up fitness classes, and active gym games. Workouts are geared toward men and women, and feature routines created by staff of Men's Health and Women's Health magazines.


New players must build a profile within the game, and go through a simulated, futuristic scanning routine, locating various muscle groups and measuring data like height and arm span. Players then run through a fitness test to gauge their relative abilities, and answer a quiz about their lifestyle and fitness goals. The player is then rated as Beginner, Trained, or Advanced, and the appropriate classes are unlocked. Classes are grouped according to difficulty (1.1, 1.2, etc, up to 4.x). The player does not have to start at the suggested class, and may choose to start at an easier difficulty instead - however, a lower-ranked player must complete their class before unlocking the next difficulty level.




Gameplay takes place in a sterile white virtual environment, or inside a simple virtual gym. The player is projected into the scene (similar to watching oneself in a mirror), allowing them to easily follow the virtual trainer's moves without taking their eyes off the screen. The Kinect tracks the player's skeleton and grades them on accuracy of performing the activity based on a number of key factors. For example, a squat punch routine will grade the player both on depth of the squat, and on punching - if the player does not do both, they do not receive full credit for the activity. Using the skeletal data, the voice of the game's trainer will guide the player on how to improve, alongside the visual element of seeing their projection not matching the CG trainer.


The player's active area is marked by a green border within the game. If their projected image ventures outside of the camera's visual range, the projection will start to dissipate and mist away. Game elements will certainly move the player within the green border, but never outside of it. The border is also used as a visual cue during training classes, and turns gray if the player falls out of sync with the virtual trainer.


Using the Kinect, Your Shape requires no controls or accessories. Menus are driven with gestures, and routines are designed to punch the air, move in place, and similar activities that do not require gym equipment. However, as the player is not required to hold or wear any sensors, they are free to use any items they may have, such as wrist weights or dumbbells. Some modes will recommend when and how much additional weight to use.




Personal Training is a series of routines devoted to that player's ability and their fitness goals. The player follows a linear, four-week progression of classes at their own pace. Fitness Classes are specialty classes available at any time. At launch, the available options are Cardio Boxing and Zen, with the option to add more in the future as DLC. 


The Gym Games are more "fun" activities, and can be played in a 4-player party mode. There are four to choose from at launch:


Virtual Smash presents the player with patterns of floating blocks to punch or knee. This mode was showcased in early demos, and the player is graded on speed an accuracy.

Light Pace requires the player to step on moving light targets inside the camera's view space.

Loop-A-Hoop requires the player to rotate their hips while using an imaginary hula-hoop.

Stack 'em Up challenges a player's balance and requires them to hold their arms outstretched like a platform to collect and balance blocks. After a certain point, a pit on the left or right will open up, and the player tilts the blocks into the pit.

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