Disney Infinity 2.0 is the successor to Disney Infinity and it introduces the second generation of the concept as an entirely new game. Just like the original game it is...
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Disney Infinity 2.0 is the successor to Disney Infinity and it introduces the second generation of the concept as an entirely new game. Just like the original game it is an action-adventure where players place physical figurines on the infinity base with a USB connection to the system and they are then introduced as characters in the game. The characters level up as they are used and progress is stored in the character itself, meaning they can level up further using them on a different system or on a different location. The figurines that can be purchased are platform independent. There are two large groups of characters: Marvel Super Heroes and Disney Originals.

As in thefirst game it is split up into two game modes. The story part of the game (Play Set mode) is enabled through a play set that resembles a crystal figurine placed on the base. Infinity 2.0 supports multiple, self-contained story modes based on the purchased play sets. The core gameplay is a traditional action platformer. Characters are guided through the game world and have different types of moves. Some characters excel at melee combat, while others rely on ranged attacks. As the characters level up new abilities and attributes become available, assigned through a skill tree. Skills levels can be reset at level 10 and 20 to try different paths. Some characters have special abilities such as flight (Iron Man) or web-swinging (Spider-Man).

The second part of the game is the sandbox Toy Box, renamed Toy Box 2.0 for this version. It allows players to use all of their characters and create their own games by placing objects and buying new ones, designing a scenery, applying game logic, and sharing creations with others which is new for this version. Various parts of this mode were changed for the new edition, such as the introduction of frameworks to quickly design a specific game type. Some characters are only available in the Toy Box mode and this mode supports both local and online multiplayer as well. In the original game each character had its own 'adventure', a playable level. These do not return in the second game, but Toy Box game discs are introduced. These provide a specific game genre to the Toy Box that can be edited to create variants. Also returning are power discs, physical discs placed on the base to introduce new toys, textures, skies, vehicles etc. There are circular discs that provide in-game boosts to characters and hexagonal discs that provide additional content. Just like the original game additional Toy Box content is unlocked by completing play sets.

The new play sets cannot be used with the original Disney Infinity and vice versa, but this second version is backwards compatible with all Toy Box content unlocked with the figurines of the first version. That means that all figurines (with a new level cap up to 20) and and power discs released for the first version can be used in this edition as well, but limited to the Toy Box mode. This game entry covers the download-only version for consoles. It does not contain any play sets right away, meaning the vanilla version is restricted to the Toy Box mode. It is meant for players who bought Disney Infinity and want to upgrade to the new version without having to buy a starter pack with a second infinity base. The base peripheral for the XBOX 360 is not compatible with Xbox One, but for Wii to Wii U and PS3 to PS4 there is compatibility. The 3DS and Wii platforms are no longer supported for the second version of the game. Players who own Disney Infinity on the Wii can download the 1.0 software for free on the Wii U as the system is backwards compatible and continue playing the old version on the new platform. Alternatively they can pay to download the 2.0 software and use all the new features.

The console version is called Disney Infinity: Edition 2.0. The Windows and Windows Apps entries covered in this game entry are called Disney Infinity 2.0: Play Without Limits and unlike the console versions they are free-to-play. Just like the first version, the PC edition does not support the infinity base for physical content such as figurines, play sets or discs. Instead all additional content needs to be purchased as a download, but content-wise it is identical to the console versions. Purchased figurines come with a web code that can be entered to unlock the content in the PC version. Content registered through a Disney account can be transferred to the PC version to unlock it in the the free-to-play version. Unlike the iOS / Android Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 title, the PC versions provide access to the full game including play sets, not just the Toy Box mode.

For the PlayStation and Wii U versions a limited amount of early buyers received Disney Infinity: Edition 2.0 - Marvel Super Heroes: Toy Box Game Discs for free.

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