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Repairs & Modifications

Power Up Gaming provides repairs and modifications to most gaming consoles made from the beginning of time to the latest and greatest.  We do not provide modifications/sell products that allow or aid users in running pirated/illegal software.

We provide our customers with a YouTube channel which highlights a lot of our repair services along with providing some guidance for the do-it-yourself people out there.  You can reach that by clicking the following image:


Disc Repair Services

Power Up Gaming owns a state of the art, fully robotic disc refinishing system called the ELM Eco Master.  This machine is truly incredible and can resurface all discs except Blu-Ray format discs.  You simply load up to 50 discs in it at a time and when it is complete, every single disc is perfectly spotless.  We have invested nearly $30,000 into this machine because we want to provide our customers the absolute best quality service we possibly can!  We offer pricing as follows:

  • 1 to 9 Discs (Price Per Disc) $5.00
  • 10 to 25 Discs (Price Per Disc) $4.50
  • 26 to 49 Discs (Price Per Disc) $4.00
  • 50+ Discs (Price Per Disc) $3.50

We do not make any warranty claims in regards to restoring the function of a disc that is not currently working.  There are many other issues that appear with discs other then scratches which include disc rot, data layer scratches and more which can not be repaired with disc refinishing.  

We also allow you to mail in your discs and have us fix them up for you! 

Console Repair Services

If you have a system that isn't working quite right then usually we can help you out with that.  We repair consoles all the way from the beginning of time to the latest and greatest.  There are only handful of repairs that we do not perform which include those which are deemed as temporary or non-cost effective.  If we can get you into a comparable replacement system for a similar price then we will attempt to do that.  

For a list of our regular repair services, click the image below: 



Modification Services

We perform a LOT of modification services for different consoles.  These include cosmetic modifications, functional changes, region free modifications and much more.  We have also created some of a kind one-off creations which come up for sale once in a while.  There are always new services that we offer so stay tuned!  

GameBoy Advance with SP Backlit LCD Modification and Custom Case   GameBoy Original with Red Backlit Kit Installed   Game Gear with TV Out Board and LCD Screen Swap   Nintendo Macro GameBoy Advance Player made from Nintendo DS Lite


For a list of our regular modification services, click the image below:


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