We are very proud to announce that we have officially launched our new E-Commerce site!

Our old e-commerce site was taken down in October of 2016 to make way for our new one which took all this time to get ready to launch.  It features over 10,000 products and growing on a daily basis!  Here are list of features we are most excited about:

  • Completely integrates into our new Point of Sale system which means we have one inventory system to maintain.  It also means that customers from anywhere can see exactly what we have in stock on a moments notice without even stepping foot into our store!
  • Facebook integration built-in which allows you to receive order confirmation, shipping information, tracking information and more directly from Facebook as a message from our Facebook page.  It also allows you to contact us on a moments notice about ANYTHING.  
  • Tons of future feature options!  We are looking at integrating wish lists, future stock notifications and such into the website.  Stay tuned for updates!

What was wrong with the old e-commerce site?  

The old e-commerce site worked well and was hosted by a great company but it didn't integrate into our 'Point of Sale' system.  What this meant is that we had two completely separate inventory systems.  It was a nightmare to maintain and because of this, if an item was physically in our store, you didn't see it on-line and vice-versa.  

Did you notice something not quite right on this new site?

If you notice something that isn't quite right then please let us know ASAP.  We need your help to find the things that we perhaps missed.  If it is a major problem then we will pay you for helping us out in the way of a $5 online store credit on your account!  Email us at info@powerupgaming.ca.

Thanks for checking out our new site!