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  • N64 - Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

    The game features a variety of tracks spanning several different planets and includes all and more of the racers featured in the movie, including Teemto Pagalies, Dud Bolt, Mars Guo,...
  • N64 - Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

    The player controls the mercenary Dash Rendar in his efforts to help Luke Skywalker and rescue Princess Leia from Prince Xizor's hands. The story begins shortly before the battle of...
    From $30.00
  • N64 - Wave Race 64

    The objective of each race is to not only to beat the other racers but also to successfully weave the jet-ski through various buoys. There are two types of buoys:...
    From $10.00
  • N64 - Star Wars Rogue Squadron

    Fly against the evil Empire! As Luke Skywalker, co-founder of the Rebel Alliance's elite Rogue Squadron, you must combat the evil Galactic Empire! Engage in intense, fast-paced planetary air-to-ground and...
  • N64 - WCW vs nWo Revenge

    More than 60 wrestlers, including ALL of the top WCW and NWO superstars! Awesome new features including wrestler entrances, all the real WCW belts, hidden weapons, instant replay, completely updated...
  • N64 - NHL 99

    The most celebrated hockey game comes to the Nintendo 64. Battle along the boards, feed the open man, patrol the ice! Game Features: *Beginner lever - pick up and play!...
  • N64 - Tetrisphere

    Tetrisphere is a variant on Tetris in which various shapes are shifted across a wrapped three-dimensional grid resembling a sphere, and then destroyed. The objective of the game changes depending...
  • N64 - Pokemon Snap

    Todd Snap, a Pokémon photographer, is summoned by Professor Oak to an unusual island to help him with a report. Oak needs quality pictures to accompany his scientific findings, and...
    From $20.00
  • N64 - Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

    Hot Wheels Turbo Racing is a racing video game for the Nintendo 64 released in 1999. It features vehicles based on the Hot Wheels series of toys. It also features...
  • N64 - Bass Hunter 64

    Go fishing in the great outdoors with Bass Hunter 64! Reel in a record-setting bass in tournament mode in 3D rendered environments, complete with native wildlife, and geographically accurate landscapes....
  • N64 - Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98

    Take on "The Great One" again in this hot sequel to the smash hit voted "Best Sports Game" of '96! With more great features, such as new hidden teams and...
  • N64 - Top Gear Rally

    On the Nintendo 64, Top Gear Rally features a realistic physics model with functioning suspension. At the time, this was an impressive new gameplay development. Road surfaces, including their imperfections,...
  • N64 - San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing

    San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing is the first game in the Rush series. The N64 version contains six regular tracks and two hidden tracks. The regular tracks can be run...
  • N64 - Mission Impossible

    This is a third-person action stealth game with 24 levels. Playing the secret agent Ethan Hunt, the player has to fight international terrorists. Assisted by his IMF team, he sneaks...
  • N64 - Hexen

    Following the tale of D'Sparil's defeat in Heretic, Hexen takes place in another realm, Cronos, which is besieged by the second of the Serpent Riders, Korax. Three heroes set out...
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