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  • Intellivision - Vectron (In Box)

    The object of Vectron is to construct an energy base, section by section. You add each section by moving your energy block in place and filling it with an energy...
  • Intellivision - Checkers (In Box)

    Checkers is a conversion of the board game. Two players can challenge each other, or one player can go against the computer. The game features multiple skill levels, a "bail...
    From $25.00
  • Intellivision - Venture

    Winky - the heroic adventurer - is off to claim the treasures that lay hidden in the depths of the dungeon. In each chamber lies a valuable prize protected by...
  • Intellivision - Mission X

    You control a World War II plane, bombing enemy targets and shooting down enemy planes. Awesomely dangerous, your mission takes you over combat ships, aircraft carriers, bridges, roads, trains, tanks...
  • Intellivision - Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

    The Imperial Walkers are approaching the Rebels' power generator on the Ice Planet Hoth. Unless you can prevent them, they'll blow up the entire Rebel base! There's still time, so...
  • Intellivision - Donkey Kong (In Box)

    Can you save Mario's girl from the clutches of Donkey Kong? Donkey Kong has kidnapped Mario's girlfriend Pauline and taken her to the top of a construction site. It's up...
  • Intellivision - NHL Hockey (Cartridge Only)

    Hockey is a Sports game, developed by Mattel and published by Sears, which was released in 1979.
  • Intellivision - NFL Football (Cartridge Only)

    NFL Football is a Sports game, developed and published by Mattel, which was released in 1979.
  • Intellivision - Utopia (In Box)

    Utopia is a game played by two players on two continents. Players must build their island nation by building farms, housing, schools, hospitals, and factories and making other improvements while...
  • Intellivision - Tron Deadly Discs (In Box)

    Based on the movie from Walt Disney, you play a man trapped in a computer world who must keep moving to avoid being hurt.   Enemies will come at you...
  • Intellivision - Auto Racing (In Box)

    Auto Racing is a one or two player racing game that puts the player behind the wheel of one of five cars, each with different specialties. The player may race...
  • Intellivision - NFL Football (In Box)

    NFL Football contains almost all the elements of a real football game. The game consists of four quarters, fifteen minutes each. There are four difficulty levels; high school, college, semi-pro,...
    From $17.50
  • Intellivision - NHL Hockey (In Box)

    NHL Hockey is a two-player, action hockey game for the Intellivision. Players control their team's puck handler, while the CPU controls all other team members, including the goalie. The players...
    From $20.00
  • Intellivision - Bowling (In Box)

    This is a game of skill that requires you to knock down pins as in real bowling. Play alone or with up to three friends. Two games are available: standard...
    From $20.00
  • Intellivision - Boxing (In Box)

    Two contenders fight themselves for 15 rounds with body punches, feints and hard shots to the head. Victory is decided by the points, assigned by the computer (the referee), otherwise...
  • Intellivision - Skiing (In Box)

    In U.S. Ski Team Skiing, players race down the hill, avoiding trees and jumping moguls in their path. The game features both slalom and downhill courses. 1 player may race...
    From $17.50
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