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*New* Nintendo 3DS XL System

Bundle includes the *NEW* Nintendo 3DS XL System, Stylus, Charger and a 90 Day Warranty.   Our systems are all fully tested and refurbished but it is safe to expect...

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure Limited Edition

Minor staple wear on manual; see photos for details.Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition is a special pre-release of Sonic Adventure for Sega’s Dreamcast. It was the result of a collaboration between...

DS - Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride (In Case)

This grand adventure, unfolding over three generations, is now available to play in the palm of your hand! Take your place among a family of heroes, sharing in all the...

DS - Izuna 2 The Unemployed Ninja Returns (In Case)

The hilarious adventure of everyone's favorite jobless ninja sets the stage for old school dungeon RPG play! When Shina suddenly runs off in search of her long-lost sister, Izuna must...

DS - Izuna Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

In order to save the village and her family, Izuna sets foot into the territory of the gods. What she finds is an ever changing maze filled with monsters!  ...

DS - Legacy of Ys Books I & II (In Case)

Two of gaming's all-time classics are reborn on DS. Stories tell of a land of yore, now shrouded by centuries of time forgotten, called Ys. Despite its great knowledge, endless...

DS - Pokemon HeartGold Version (W/Pokewalker & Clip)

Feel free to message us for specific pictures! -Power Up TeamPokemon HeartGold Version and Pokemon SoulSilver Version return players to the scenic Johto region first introduced in the beloved original...

DS - Solatorobo Red the Hunter (In Case)

Set out on an adventure amid floating islands and witness a world brought to life by renowned designers and animators. Battle robot enemies, build your strength and undertake quests as...

GameCube - Baten Kaitos Origins

Baten Kaitos Origins takes place 20 years before the first Baten Kaitos game. It explains how the diabolical Emperor Geldoblame rose to power, and it also fills in many details...

GameCube - Chibi-Robo

The Sanderson family just got the ultimate in high-tech, house-helper technology: Chibi-Robo. In this inventive, story-driven game, players guide a miniature robot as he completes chores and clashes with enemies...

GameCube - Def Jam Fight For NY

Def Jam Fight for NY takes the battle for hip-hop domination into the fighting ring. More than 35 hip-hop artists and personalities--including Busta Rhymes, Carmen Electra, Lil' Kim, Ludacris, Method...

GameCube - Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Pokemon XD is a sequel to the role-playing game Pokémon Coliseum. You'll play as Michael, a Pokémon trainer who is trying to thwart the evil Cipher. Cipher plans to control...

GameCube - Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Experience another terrifying chapter in the Resident Evil series with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. After narrowly surviving the horrific onslaught in Raccoon City, Claire Redfield now seeks clues in...

Gamecube Game Boy Player Disc NO Hardware

Enjoy your favorite Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance Games on the big screen!Disc Only, does not include Player Hardware!

GameCube WaveBird Controller (Sealed in Original Packaging)

Minor dents in plastic. Control your favorite games from up to 20 feet away -- the RF transmitter send signals to a Receiver that plugs into your GameCube Up to...

GameGear - Mega Man (Cartridge Only)

Blast-Off With Mega Man For The Thrill Of Your Life!Mega Man must stop Dr. Wily from his no good sinister plan to destroy civilization. But hold onto those mega-boosters, this...